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Welcome to Boxcube Travellers News, your go-to source for the latest updates and insights into the world of extraordinary travel. From riveting industry news shaping the world of exploration to exclusive updates on our company's latest adventures, this section offers a comprehensive view of the travel landscape. Whether it's insightful industry trends or exciting developments within Boxcube Travellers, our Insider articles aim to keep you well-informed and connected to the pulse of the travel world. 


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Featured News / Stories

Embark on a captivating journey through our featured news and stories. Here, we bring you a collection of first-hand accounts, travel tips, and destination spotlights that showcase the essence of extraordinary experiences with Boxcube Travellers. Immerse yourself in the narratives that inspire, inform, and elevate your wanderlust. 

Navigating the Shades of Green: Understanding the Differences Between Eco, Green, and Sustainability in Tourism 

In the ever-evolving landscape of travel, terms like "eco," "green," and "sustainability" are frequently used, often interchangeably, to describe environmentally conscious practices. However, these terms carry nuanced distinctions that are crucial for both travellers and industry players to comprehend. Let's jump on a journey to unravel the differences between eco, green, and sustainability in the realm of tourism. 

Tourism Malaysia confident of achieving target of 27.3mil foreign tourist arrivals in 2024

Exciting news from Malaysia's tourism front! Government initiatives are transforming the landscape, making Malaysia even more accessible and inviting. The charter flight matching grant and Visa Liberalisation program is set to elevate Malaysia's tourism experience for all travellers.

Unveiling Malaysia: A Tapestry of Cultural Diversity, Natural Wonders, and Accessible Adventures

Journey through the vibrant tapestry of Malaysia! From the rich cultural experiences in Kuala Lumpur to the lush landscapes of Borneo and the thrilling adventures in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia beckons with open arms. This article explores the allure of this captivating destination, enriched by recent initiatives to make it more accessible and welcoming. Join us as we unveil Malaysia - a destination that promises unforgettable moments, diverse experiences, and budget-friendly adventures. 

Bridging Cultures: Innovations in Communication for Chinese Tourists in Malaysia

Discover tech solutions that can enables transforming communication for Chinese tourists in Malaysia. From translation apps to AI-driven language services, this article explores how cutting-edge innovations enhance the travel experience. Join us on a journey where technology meets culture, fostering seamless connections and how we can make Malaysia an even more inviting destination for our Chinese visitors.

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